Designer & Energy Efficient Light Bulbs!

Light up your wall, floor, or table lamps with our designer light bulbs! Choose from our vast selection of bulbs and give your home the brightness you desire. We have several types of bulbs in a multitude of designs to best suit your needs. From dimmable bulbs to candelabra bulbs, we have the selection you can use to illuminate every part of your life. 

Whether you want focused light to read by or soft light for ambiance and mood, we have the right light bulbs for you. Replace standard bulbs with our vintage collection, and give them a design aesthetic that is sure to impress. Our catalog of bulbs includes Edison, LED, candelabra, bottle-shaped, and many more. Many can be used for indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures as well.

All our bulbs have a lifespan of more than 1500 hours. Energy efficiency is the best way to save money on home lighting, and our bulbs are no exception! 

Our bulbs are a perfect mix of vintage and modern technology that makes a great addition to your home or office lighting fixtures. No matter the place, indoor or outdoor, we have light bulbs that are perfect for the dining room, bedroom, porch area, terrace, and more! Your next bright idea is in our selection below!

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