Lighting Sockets to Add Heavy-Duty Style to Your Lamps!

Basic lighting sockets need to be replaced every so often, when the metal becomes tarnished and the knobs wear out. So why not replace them with high-quality, heavy-duty, cast metal lamp sockets? Our vintage sockets are made to be used day in and day out for decades!

It only takes a passing glance to see the quality in our sockets. Heavy grade metal casing, lustrous finishes, and durable construction make our product a powerhouse of home lighting repair. We’ve also replaced the traditional black plastic knob with metal knobs that won’t strip and wear out over time. Our sockets are built to last.

We offer four switch types in several finishes, which means you can customize them to your decor and existing hardware. Choose from on-off switches, dimmer switches, on-off pull chains, or 3-way switches. Do you need several? Not a problem! You’ll enjoy great savings when you buy more!

Lighting sockets don’t have to be basic. Browse through our collection of vintage fixtures and you’ll agree that high-quality sockets are the way to go!