Distinctively Modern & Unique Lighting Accessories For Lamps & More!

Discover the best accessories for your lighting fixtures to enhance their look and complete your home decor. Our lighting and lamp accessories are sure to add an extra layer of warmth and light to your home decor! When it comes to lighting, numerous sparkling options are available to create a fabulous environment that you’ll love to live in. Don’t let anything get in the way of decorating your place the way you want to! Accessorize your lighting fixture to make them look more vibrant, more subtle, more focused; we have the products to make your decor work for you. Browse through our exclusive collection of lighting fixture accessories and illuminate your home in a brighter way!

Have an astonishing chandelier but the visible chain is drawing too much attention away from it? Don’t worry. We have a wide range of chord and chain covers to help that chain fade into the background! The built-in touch fastener runs the entire length of the chain, allowing for easy application and removal for cleaning.

Looking for a beautiful lighting solution for a wedding or other event? Our tea light shades offer an elegant and portable way to make every table feel special! You can also use our beaded wine bottle covers to make your gift bottle even more memorable.

There’s so much more to find among our selection of lighting and lamp accessories, and all are made at the highest quality! Take a look below to find all the accessories we offer at royalLAMPSHADES:

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