Upgrade Your Lamps With Heavy Duty Lamp Harps!

Are you looking for an ideal solution to replace a broken or worn-out lamp harp? Look no further! We offer a wide range of lamp harps that are easy to install and remove. Our harps come in several sizes, including half-inch sizes to perfectly match your lamp and lampshade. We also include the harp holder, so all your hardware will match!

Creating a custom lamp? Using our lamp parts and accessories, your DIY project is destined for success! Whether you’re working on table lamps, floor lamps, or standing lamps, we have all the lamp hardware your need. 

Harps are often overlooked when matching lamp bases with lampshades. The height of the harp determines where the shade will sit on the lamp, which is crucial for the design of the lamp. Too short, and the shade will cover up the beautiful design elements of your lamp. Too tall, and the shade won’t cover the socket hardware. In addition, when you have the right harp, the bulb will sit in the right position behind the shade, allowing it to glow evenly.

We have a huge selection of harps, from 7 inches to 12 inches tall. So you’re sure to find the right size to match your fixture. Our harps are made with heavy-duty metals to prevent bending or warping, and the finish is designed to resist tarnishing. In other words, our harps will last as long as your lamp! Take a look below and find the perfect harp for your lamp!