Lamp Bases Give Your Lampshade a Foundation to Shine!

Do you have the perfect shade, but need a lamp base that’s just as perfect? Look no further! Our lamp bases are made to impress and offer a contemporary feel that will fit in anywhere.

Our lamp bases come in several finishes, and incorporate beautiful crystal elements that catch the light, scattering a warm glow throughout your space. The lamps are comprised of several pieces that screw together seamlessly, then come apart for easy storage or transport. Bring your own lampshade and make a lamp that is truly your own!

Each lamp base comes with a matching harp and finial and an 8-foot cord, so all you need is a shade and a light bulb. Our bases are made from high-quality metal and crystal, so you can rest assured that they will last for years. You can also save with the purchase of a set of two matching lamps!

Take a look below and find your next lamp!