Perfect Eco-friendly Wine Bottle Gift Bags.

Dress up your next gifted bottle of wine with these pretty paper wine bottle gift bags. Gifting wine is incredibly trendy, so why not gift it in a specially designed and reusable bag? Wine is a great gift for every occasion! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Housewarming, Dinner parties, and much more. The length and width of these bags are perfect for wine bottles, but won’t spoil the surprise, either! They also have a handle made from tough rope that makes them easy to carry. The paper we use in manufacturing these bags is an environmentally safe and durable material. 

The wine bag is a perfect fit for a single bottle of wine, and they’re sturdy enough to be utilized again and again. Additionally, we have several bag designs, so you can choose the best one for your bottle.

Giving the gift of wine is a tradition as old as the art of fermentation. At Royal Lampshades, we’ll help you add new flair to this classic gift idea. Buy in small batches, or as many as 48 bags, to give the gift of wine all year long!

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