Brighten your indoor and outdoor space with weatherproof string lights!

The luminous string light is a classic and stylish decor piece that can easily liven up outdoor and indoor living spaces. It adds a magical charm to gardens, backyards, and patios. Wrapping string lights around the windows, stairs, or plants adds a festive flair to parties and other social events. You can also drape them around a bedroom mirror, bookshelf or can use them to hang the photos in your living area.

The soft glow easily replaces the harsh glow of ceiling lights when you need a relaxing environment at the end of a long day. String lights an affordable way to create a romantic and cozy ambiance. It comes in different colors and styles. Here at royalLAMPSHADES, we offer durable, stylish, and weatherproof string lights, which are ideal for both home and commercial use.

Create a fashion statement within your indoor and outdoor space with our impact-resistant and energy-efficient string lights. Our light strings can withstand extreme cold and heat and are available in three color options: clear, red, and green. Also, we provide a five years warranty on our light standards(on selected items). The Royal Lampshades offer commercial quality light strings at a residential price. You can also attach these lights to a dimmer, which gives you even more flexibility to set the mood and make these lights fit your space.

Light up Easter, Christmas, New Years events, birthday parties, and wedding anniversaries with royalLAMPSHADES’ outdoor waterproof string light set. Our product is made with durable rubber to resist moisture, abrasion, and water. Browse our wide range of shatterproof lighting strings now!

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