Small but Mighty Lighting Accessories.

A chandelier is obviously a beautiful decor item, but they require a little attention from time to time. It is crucial to replace the chandelier sockets from time to time to keep them in safe working order. And while changing the socket is a change that may not visibly change the chandelier, socket covers most certainly do! They can add a distinctive personality to an otherwise standard chandelier. That is why we have plenty of many high-quality sockets and covers so that you can find a great look and a perfect fit for your home decor. 

Our chandelier covers are made from a stiff material, their styles range from modern, bold shapes to antique candle shapes that have a dripping wax effect. We offer these covers in several colors that will seamlessly match your aesthetic.

Our chandelier sockets offer consistent quality across all your chandelier bulbs. We work with high-quality materials to ensure that you can get the most out of your chandelier for years to come. And let’s be honest: climbing a ladder to replace a bad socket is not something anyone enjoys doing. We’re here to help you enjoy your lighting.

So take a look at our selection of chandelier sockets and covers, and give your fixture the personality it deserves!