Make your place glow with classic Edison Bulbs!

Few things are as relaxing as the warm glow from vintage-style Edison bulbs. The iconic bright filament wire casting its orange light is mesmerizingly beautiful. Combined with modern technology, you can enjoy it longer and more safely as well.

The distinctive look of these bulbs instantly expresses style and a classy confidence. Adding them to a bedroom or living area can complete an industrial aesthetic easily. Or you can place a large vintage bulb over your favorite reading chair to create a perfectly relaxing environment for getting lost in a story. If you’re aiming for “eclectic,” we have large bulbs in fun styles that can make any space feel charmingly odd.

The shapes we offer are varied and unique. From football-shaped to gourd-shaped, you can choose what suits your style the best. From amber-tinted bulbs to frosted to clear bulbs, you have loads of options for making your space feel special. You can also replace string light bulbs with our Edison bulbs to bathe your porch in warm light for romantic evenings and special occasions. 

Our collection of vintage bulbs are made from the best materials to ensure they’ll last as long as possible. We want your home to be warmly lit for years, and we strive to make our products with the highest quality in mind. Take a look below and you’ll see for yourself that our vintage bulbs are a bright idea!

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