Replacement Electrical Cords For Lamps & Other Lighting Fixtures!

Sometimes lamps break, or cords get damaged. It’s unfortunate, especially when it leaves you in the dark. But you don’t have to throw out the lamp! Oftentimes, a simple repair will set things right. That’s why royalLAMPSHADES carries a full range of replacement lamp cords and other repair accessories to get your lamp fully working again! 

Why throw away an old, antique lamp in your home when you can repair it? Restore your lamp in no time with our electrical cords. We offer multiple colors such as black, brown, white, silver, golden, and more, so you can blend them into your home or office decor with ease. Additionally, we offer two lengths, 8 and 12 feet, to help you reach distant outlets. 

Our electrical products are made from high-quality materials and covered with a vinyl or rayon coating to ensure safety and durability. The robust material resists moisture and abrasion even after prolonged exposure to extreme conditions. Moreover, our replacement electrical cord has a polarized plug that ensures consistent power usage. Buy a single cord or save more with a pack of two! Browse our collection below and give your damaged lamp the lifeline it needs!