Have our designers help you choose the perfect lamp shade. Submit your request by filling out the questions below. Uploading pictures of your lamp with or without existing shade and/or a picture of your room will help us find a perfect shade to compliment your room! We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Lamp shades require no complicated or messy electrical work; they simply attach to an existing ceiling fitting. It is easy to do and takes a few minutes to get a brand new look. Some shades can also be used on lamp bases to instantly update your accent lighting around the home. Check out our custom lamp shade design. Our custom lamp shades all ship via FedEX Ground Shipping.

Many people think lamp shades can be uninspiring or plain, but there are many amazing, trend-inspired styles available that will add a stylish touch to your decor. Lamp shades now come in fabulous shapes, such as the Spikey ball lamp shade, and with stunning design details like the bamboo shade with a yellow interior. Lamp shades can make a real style statement in a home.

When it comes to lamp shades, making the right choice can make or break your look. Whether you want something small and subtle or a bright and bold shade, there are many styles and types available for you to choose from.

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