All-Purpose Extension Cords For Indoor & Outdoor Use!

Whether you are working out in the yard or need an extension cord for indoor use, the Royal Lampshades collection of extension cords has the perfect solution for you! We have a range of heavy-duty cords that give you the right length for whatever power needs you have. Our electrical extension cords provide quality power to any device.

Our outdoor power cables are tough and rugged, built for years of hard work in harsh environments. The heavy-duty insulation keeps the wiring secure, and the high-quality wiring ensures safety through years of heavy use.

When it comes to light-weight indoor extension cords, the same quality shines through. The vinyl jacketing around the cord keeps moisture out and resists damage caused by common household elements, like vacuums and rolling chairs.

For safety, our extension cords have surge protection, ensuring no power spikes from unexpected fluctuations will harm your devices. The built-in light indicator lets you know if the power is on or off. Our shock-resistant cords offer a simple and effective way to connect your devices in any area of your house.

Electrical cords from Royal Lampshades ensure complete protection from overheating, short circuits, and over-current. They are a great way to extend your power supply up to 25 feet and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. All our products are UL listed. Shop the best quality electrical accessories at Royal Lampshades!

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