Innovate With a Classic Home Decor Artifact!

Light up your home in a simple and fantastic way with Tea light shades! Create a party or candlelight dinner ambiance at your home by placing this tea light shade on your wine glass with a flameless LED light. Customize the light an LED light brings into your room with modern tea light shades. We offer a multitude of shades, including beach patterns, blue sky, pink butterfly, and many more! 

These shades are made with premium quality parchment paper. They include two closure tabs for easy and secure assembly. Add extra ambiance to your place by turning a wine glass into a bright centerpiece. Tea Light Shades make a perfect gift for any occasion! Make your home, office, celebration, or corporate event more vibrant. Choose from the wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors and create just the right ambiance you need. Please note that the flameless LED light and wine glass shown in our images are just for display purposes and are not included with the tea light shade.

Royal Lampshades has been ruling the lighting fixture market in the United States for decades and has successfully become the nation’s largest lighting accessories supplier. Housing enormous styles, patterns, and colors of lamp parts and accessories, we have been scattering brightness all over since 1988. Check out our complete range below and choose the style which suits you best!

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