Best Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade

Build your own Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade design with your preferred material, color, and size. Best Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade design for your home, office or personal space.

Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade


Please browse through our in-stock fabrics by clicking on the link below. Be aware that every monitor and printer displays the same color differently. It is always prudent to verify your fabric color and selection by ordering a swatch.


Use the Special Instructions to designate the color that you are looking for or if you would like an enamel color that you don’t see here:


In general, your fitter drop is the distance from the “top of the lampshade” to the ring (fitter) that attaches to your lamp base. In some instances, the fitter might “rise from the bottom”. For these cases, please note in the ‘Special Instructions’ that your “DROP” inches are actually “RISE” inches and that the spider is on the bottom.


In our Best Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade page, If you don’t see your fitter listed below, please give us a call. We have our own welding department and can make just about anything! If your fitter selection is CHIMNEY RING, please note in the ‘Special Instructions’ what your ring dimensions are. If your fitter selection is REFLECTOR NOTCHES, please note in the ‘Special Instructions’ what the dimension of the outside of your glass bowl is. In either of these special cases, it would be very helpful to send us a photograph of your Chimney or Bowl with a tape measure stretched across the top.


There are 3 basic trim options for Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade and then variations of those: (1) Traditional 1/2″ trim, (2) Modern Rolled Edge trim, (3) Rustic Whipstitch trim. Please NOTE: We no longer make matching trim for Customers Own Material. The primary option is ‘Rolled Edges’, but we can also attempt to find the closest matching (or contrasting) trim from our stock trim options. Also, we can accept Customer Supplied Trim as long as it is cut-on-the-bias and not an inflexible ribbon type of trim.


Diffusers are the pieces of acrylic or polystyrene that sit in the top or bottom of the lampshade and (literally) diffuse the light bulb’s direct light. Diffusers often are placed in the bottom of pendant lampshades when the lampshade sits above eye level, but can go in just about any lampshade. Acrylic diffusers are (by far) the most common type and are a milky white. Polystyrene diffusers are the same material used in the lampshade sides and are normally made in matching or contrasting material to the lampshade. Typically, if a white diffuser is desired, acrylic is used. If choosing a polystyrene diffuser, please put a note into the ‘Special Instructions’ area for your desired color (white, matching, or contrasting). Diffusers are optional and are not typical.


We pay close attention to ‘Special Instructions’. Please use the ‘Special Instructions’ area to give us any additional specifications or instructions regarding your Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade. You can also use this area for any questions or comments that you might have.


Production Lead Time represents the number of business days it takes us to manufacture your Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade. Orders placed after 2 pm Central will be processed the next business day. If any requested lampshade specifications affect the production lead time noted, you will be contacted for options. Production Lead time begins when all customer supplied materials (if any) arrive at the factory location. PLEASE NOTE: It will take additional time to ship your empire Custom Oval Cut Corner Shade from our location to you. Our Custom Oval Cut Corner Shades all ship via FedEX Ground Shipping – if you need faster shipping, please contact us or put your instructions into the “Special Instructions“ area to the left. If you have a shipping account or a specific carrier you would like us to use, please let us know.