Designer Cord & Chain Covers

We’ve got you covered with our beautifully crafted fabric cord and chain covers! These exquisite covers allow you to hide untidy wires, distracting hardware, and rusty chains. Visible wires that ruin your home decor, like electrical cords, lamps, picture light cords, computer cables, and even chandelier chains, can be hidden with these covers.

The covers are easy to install and even easier to remove! The full-length touch fastener makes application and removal a breeze. In addition, the touch fastener also allows you to connect covers together, adding length when needed. Enhance the look of your home by hiding those annoying tangled wires. Our 4-foot covers can hide up to 8 cables!

We use tough and superior fabric that will not wear and break down easily. This cover gives your lighting fixtures a luxurious and shiny appearance. They can also be washed, allowing you to rinse off the dust and continue enjoying for years on end. We have dozens of colors and fabrics available so you can match your carpeting, wall colors, or lighting fixture. We have neutral tones, like beige and eggshell available. We also offer vibrant reds, greens, and even spotted prints! The options are endless!

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