Cord Covers: A Chic & Classy Light Upgrade

Want to guess what our most popular item is at royallampshades.com? If you guessed a lamp shade, then you would be mistaken. Royal Lampshades top seller is the sleek and sophisticated Lamp & Chandelier Chain and Cord Covers!

This Cord and Chain Cover is a simple and inexpensive way to hide those untidy wires. Cord covers can be used to hide variety of wires not just limited to your basic hanging pendant light.

Find the color coordinating cover that suits your personal style and easily hide electrical cords, lamp and picture light cords, computer cables, television cables, or even those unsightly wires hanging from your office desk.

With 22 unique colors and fabric choices, our cord covers are sure to please the most simple to sophisticated tastes. Double stack the Red and Metallic Green for a festive holiday look, or give your kitchen and dining a rustic look with our popular Burlap cord cover.

The pink or white cord covers add that special final touch to your baby girl’s nursery.

You can even use cord covers to dress up your porch swing. Get creative!

The Cord and Chain cover is simple to install. There is no need to remove your chandelier or pendant lighting prior to hanging, simply place the cord cover around the lamp chain and secure with the full length Velcro strap that hides discreetly inside.

Measuring at 4 feet in length, our cord and chain covers easily cover most standard light fixture chains. If you prefer a super scrunchy look, or are covering the chains on your porch swing, be sure to measure first before ordering so you can take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $60.

Best of all, cleaning your cord cover is a breeze. Our cord covers are conveniently machine washable on the gentle cycle. Order yours today and enjoy our complimentary same day shipping!

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