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Lampshade Fitter Options

There are several different types of fitter options available for lamps, depending on the specific lamp model. Most American lamps use a harp or a bowl fitter, while most European lamps use a UNO fitter. However, there are various sizes of UNO fitters available, so be sure to measure the diameter. At royalLAMPSHADES, we only offer one size for UNO fitters which is 1.25 inches in diameter. It is important to measure the inner hole on your existing UNO shade or your existing lighting socket.

We offer 4 distinct types of fitters that fit a wide variety of lampshades and lamps.

Standard Washer Spider Fitter

This type of fitter works especially well with harps. There are two types of standard washer spider fitters. A washer that is under 9 inches in diameter at the top is considered straight and un-notched. A washer that is 9 inches or larger in diameter has a v-notch that allows for use with glass bowls and other non-threaded lamp bases.

UNO Fitter

A UNO fitter is for use with shades that rest on the socket itself without a harp. These fitters have an inner lip that rests on the outside of the shade and an outer washer that screws onto the socket. It is important to measure the inner hole on your existing UNO shade or your existing lighting socket. As stated previously, all UNO fitters have a diameter of 1.25 inches and are used most commonly with European-style lamps.

Flame Clips

Flame clips are used with chandeliers or torpedo-shaped lightbulbs. They attach to the prongs of the candelabra bulb and grip the top and bottom of a shade, holding it in place. These are most commonly used with shades that have an open flame at the top, hence the name “flame clip.” These types of fitters come standard on all of our chandelier lampshades.

Round Clips

Round clips are very similar to flame clips, but they have a round shape rather than an open flame. These fitters can be used with standard round Edison lightbulbs. Specifically, round clips are used with products such as our Deep Empire Lampshades (BS-707), True Bell Lampshades (BS-704), and our Round Scalloped Bell Designer Lampshades (DS-83).



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